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05-Aug-2017 01:07

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A 12-by-12-foot sheet, enough for one side of a tub (as shown), is about at

Refresh a vintage tiled floor, such as this unglazed Art Deco–era yellow-and-black porcelain mosaic, with an eco- and homeowner-friendly acid etcher that removes ground-in dirt from the surface and grout lines.

You'll see just how much stuff we cram into our tiny bathroom.) Plus, the wall of mirror does open up the tiny room visually. Step one was to remove the old light (Safety Disclaimer: throw the breaker, unhook the wires, leave breaker off while working till new light connected).

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Kermit the Frog green with a row of supernova bright dressing room lights across the top.This made the cabinet look like it was intended to be wall mounted.