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He expressed his determination to respect the sincerity of the vote and guarantee a free choice for Algerians; the last elections were marred by widespread opposition.

The current Algerian National Assembly was elected in 1997 and includes representatives from secular and moderate Islamic parties.

IRIN 11 March 2002 Anxious Wait for Government Peace Plan Angolans waited anxiously on Monday for a promised government statement on its plan to resume peace talks with rebel movement UNITA, as the humanitarian situation in the country continued to deteriorate.

Reverend Daniel Ntoni-Nzinga, executive secretary of the Inter-Ecclesiastical Committee for Peace in Angola (COIEPA), told IRIN on Monday that "we are all in standby positions, there is not any clear picture ...

Our usual channels (of communication) are very dependent on the leadership, but the leadership is in a critical stage and they can't even communicate with each other," Ntoni-Nzinga said.

COIEPA has been at the forefront of civil society efforts to facilitate a ceasefire and peace talks between the government and UNITA.

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And it seems unlikely the demands will be met since the government has already stated that a full-scale withdrawal of the gendarmes is out of the question.

President Bouteflika faces pressure to reach agreement with the Berbers The authorities in Algeria have long faced unrest among the Berbers who demand recognition for their distinctive identity.