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Thus, although women are more capable of multi-orgasm, it is more difficult for them to have an orgasm.

One survey found that whereas 75% of men report always having orgasms, only 29% of women say the same.

The operation of the multipurpose penis is easier and is less discriminating; it is, however, limited to a single orgasm and, hence, to a one-time show.

(In some cases, as Kipnis notices, after much hard work and begging, an encore may be provided as well.) These differences may partly explain why women tend to enjoy superficial casual sex less than do men, and they frequently seek the special circumstances associated with romantic love.

In an interview she argues that women have orgasms more easily when masturbating than when having intercourse.

This is because the clitoris, the stimulation of which leads to orgasm, is situated above the entrance to the vagina, where it is mostly inaccessible to the thrusting movement of the penis.

In the same vein, Laura Kipnis claims that the female clitoris, which is devoted exclusively to pleasure, is far superior to the multi-tasking penis in producing constant sexual pleasure.

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Likewise, a race car may function well for racing, but would be highly inconvenient for family trips.

"I am my husband's life as fully as he is mine." (Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre)You are everything I hoped for, you are everything I need.

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