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The movie is about Val (Belén Fabra), a young, middle-class woman with a strong desire for sex.

She recalls that she lost her virginity when she was 15 with her classmate, Edouard.

Even though she didn't feel anything in her first time, she wanted to have sex again and asks Edouard to have sex with her another hundred times.

Afterwards, she continues to have several sexual partners including Alex and Hassan.

When Val asks her if she was given another chance, she would choose to marry her grand father again and her grand mother replies, "hell, no, I'd go on finding as many sexual partners as I can".

Val works in marketing department for a firm in Barcelona and when her old friend, Hassan, visits Barcelona, she quits work early and meets him in her house.

Val decides that she can't live with him anymore and decides to move out of their house.

The next day, he apologizes to Val and asks for forgiveness.So, she goes to a train station, finds a stranger and has sex with him in the empty station.Val is also disturbed by her excessive sexual appetite and feels that she's not a normal woman.Synopsis: In the moments before his third marriage, Caveh Zahedi looks into the camera and flashes back to a vividly disturbing yet poignant story of his long obsession with prostitutes and how that obsession has served to destroy his previous marriages and relationships.

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Can Caveh overcome his addiction and finally succeed in a relationship?

" and breaks off with her angrily after a night of wild love making.