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The sender's return address doesn't follow the proper format, so it may contain a typo.This may also indicate a deliberate attempt to disguise the origin of the email, especially if it contains spam or malware.In circumstances where this approach isn't feasible, contact administrators to see if file size limits can be raised temporarily, with the understanding that this will have some adverse affect on server performance and mail deliver rates.A spam filter has classified the message as spam and rejected it. Spam is difficult to detect because it can take so many forms, so spam filters must use a broad set of criteria to identify potential spam, and in the process, misclassify a significant percentage of messages. If your system is properly protected by anti-virus software, the attachment will already have been disabled anyway.If the sender receives a message that the error is fatal, ask the sender to send the message again after email traffic has eased up.The sending MTA will automatically try again, so no action is necessary.If you aren't sure any of the statements fit, see How to Use the Email Troubleshooting Flowcharts for a list of other problem statements and flowcharts.

Review the problem statements listed below to see if one of them fits your situation before proceeding.Messages are removed from the queue when a moderator acts on the message or when the message times out.