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23-Jul-2017 14:33

"Sure." Bobby bent over the bed and waved her ass at me. I should leave this story open on my computer for my wife to "accidentally" see it.

I reached down and wrapped my hand around our stiff cocks. She and Kathy were kneeling a few feet away, fingering their pussies as they watched Rick and me. Bobby's and Kathy's moans turned into screams, steadily growing louder as I hammered Rick's ass. They worked their fingers in their pussies, making liquid noises, as I pulled almost out, then slammed home, hard and fast, slapping my crotch against Rick's buttocks. " "It was on Bobby's phone." Bobby and Kathy had keys to our apartment.

The view pulled back to show Kathy's body from her head to her knees as she screamed and thrashed.

Bobby had little pink nipples and quarter-sized areolas. Her protruding pussy lips were clearly visible through her sparse black pubic hair.