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19-Oct-2017 07:23

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It was only when we spent time with his friends (who seem to invite themselves along to lots of our dates) that I noticed the new age talk/blank look in the eyes.Full disclosure: I am Catholic; he was raised Catholic.You think his beliefs are "nonsense" and that you might be able to knock some sense back into him?Lots of people think the "beliefs" invented and perpetuated by the Catholic Church are also nonsense.How would you feel about someone who saw your situation from this perspective or would you be interested in someone who imagined he could disabuse you of your beliefs?Also, one year after a difficult divorce isn't much time to recuperate. He probably has barely started to sort himself out and his involvement with this group may help him or cripple him but there's no way to tell.

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So, far I have just asked questions and expressed that there may be helpful kernals , i.e., positive thinking, in many areas/religions even if you don't share the whole belief system.

It takes ages to feel like you have yourself back again.

Köln ähnelt Wien, auch dort gibt es Ring- und Ausfallstraßen.“Wenn sie hier ist, spielt sich ihr Leben vor allem im Westen der Stadt ab, in der Nähe des Rhein-Energie-Stadions.… continue reading »

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