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Formed in autumn 1999, the committee aimed to deal with issues like radio playlists (the music wasn't getting the exposure it does now). "This is the only music in the whole world that we're best at." They met on a number of occasions in May and June, electing Spoony as spokesman and Windross as chairman. Looking at some of their minutes, if it wasn't for the names - DJ Stepz, DJ Dominic Spreadlove - they could have been from a climbing club. "I got a daughter of 17 and I get on with her like she's my friend," Norris counters.Forming a committee is a very British thing to do, I suggest. "So in my mind, I ain't no old geezer that's fuddy-duddy." They stopped short of banning any records. Huckleberry from Uptown records was at the meeting."I fell out with everybody because of it," she says.Dave Piccioni, owner of Soho's Black Market record shop - a key centre for both drum'n'bass and UK garage - remembers a visit from Goldie and Black Market's drum'n'bass specialist, Ray Keith, who politely asked him not to stock the General Levy record." (there is no suggestion that either was involved in DJ Rap's phone calls).

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There was some debate over whether "darker" records like this would attract rougher elements to the garage club scene - which some commentators have argued was a problem drum'n'bass struggled with when it, too, took a musical turn in a more aggressive direction.Geezer came on after me and played I Don't Smoke and ripped off the roof. Everyone wants to maintain UK garage's all-important credibility. "Kids want to be associated with cool, they don't want to be associated with mass market.They want to be counter culture." The dispute is over what that credibility consists of.Spoony was interviewing Lisa Maffia, Romeo and Mega Man from the south London posse, So Solid Crew. Later, a gimmicky party record called I Don't Smoke by DJ Dee Kline reached the top 20.

The UK garage scene's elite - the Dreem Teem and elder statesmen DJs like Norris "Da Boss" Windross - refused to play either single.

" Windross says: "That takes the piss out of my colour... "I made a lot of money." Oxide and Neutrino are currently promoting their Christmas single - a rough-edged groove called No Good 4 Me that is closer to the early hardcore sound of the Prodigy (which it samples) than anything in garage. During a rehearsal break, Neutrino - 18-year-old MC Mark Oseitutu - explains his view on the split in garage.